Vol 5 No 2 (2008)
Research Papers


Jeganathan Sundararaman nattanmai
Hannah R. Vasanthi
Published September 26, 2007
  • HPTLC,
  • Amukkara Curanam (AKC),
  • Withaferine A (WA),
  • Piperine (PP),
  • Standard Formulation (SF),
  • Commercial Formulation (CF).
  • ...More
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nattanmai, J., Kannan, K., Manavalan, R., & Vasanthi, H. (2007). STANDARDIZATION OF A SIDDHA FORMULATION AMUKKARA CURANAM BY HPTLC. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, 5(2), 131-140. Retrieved from https://journals.athmsi.org/index.php/ajtcam/article/view/289


Amukkara curanam, a Siddha formulation, currently used in all types of gastric disorders, rheumatic pain, insomnia and sexual insufficiency, was investigated for the estimation of the marker compounds, withaferine A and piperine contents in a prepared standard formulation and a commercial formulation by using HPTLC method of analysis. The two formulations were subjected to methanol, ethyl acetate and chloroform extractions by using Soxhhlet apparatus The chromatogram was developed using chloroform: methanol (8.5:1.5 v/v) and toluene: ethyl acetate (7:3 v/v) as mobile phases for the estimation of withferine A and piperine respectively. The detection and quantification were performed at a wavelength of 220 nm for withaferine A and 254 nm for piperine. The linear regression analysis of calibration plots of withferine A and piperine exhibited linear relationship in the range of 5 – 15 µg and 50 – 150 ng respectively, while the % recovery was found to be 94.52% w/w of withaferine A and 98.73%w/w of piperine, thus proving the accuracy and precision of the analysis. Methanol and ethyl acetate were found to be the suitable solvents for the extraction of withaferin A and piperine respectively. The withaferine A content in standard formulation was found to be much higher in all the three extracts than that of the commercial sample. However, the piperine content in all the three extracts of standard formulation was slightly lower than the respective extracts of commercial formulation. The proposed HPTLC method was found to be rapid, simple and accurate for quantitative estimation of withferine A and piperine in different formulation extracts.